Girl Boss Life Academy

Are you Ready to Boss Up in Life and in Leadership?

Have you felt frustrated because you are living under your potential?

Have you felt trapped because you lack the confidence to step out of the shadows and be seen?

Have you felt stuck when making decisions that push you out of your comfort zone?

The Girl Boss Life Academy is uniquely designed to help women who feel trapped in their personal prison of life, break free and finally live life without limits. We'll help you develop a powerful mindset around who you are, create a crystal clear vision for your future and your goals, and build a step by step plan that will help you deliver on your destiny!

Master Destiny Life Coach, Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker, uses her Transformational Coaching Method, mindset shifts, and accountability to create a clear path to your destiny!

Our 3-Month Coaching Program allows you to Discover who you are, Decide what you want, and Deliver on your Destiny!


Re-Define who you are | Re-Focus your goals | Re-Direct your path

Ready to BOSS Up in Life & in Leadership? ⏰

Client Testimonials

"I was stuck in a rut and seeking purpose about how to move forward with my career and my health. Committing to twelve weeks of coaching with Marcea was the best investment I've made in two years! I took more action towards my goals with her than I had int he last eighteen months on my own. She has helped me become more confident and empowered than I have felt in quite a while. Her compassionate, judgement-free style of coaching makes it easy to talk about important things and make meaningful progress together. Marcea is a terrific coach, and I highly recommend working with her if there is anything in your life that you are looking to improve or just level up!"

-Ana K.

"Marcea is an amazing coach with the ability to get to the root of the problem quickly and provide strategies that work. I have worked with her multiple times and will continue to use her services."

-Garla S.

"The process of knowing you are stuck and not knowing or understanding how to become unstuck is and can be quite overwhelming. And frustrating. It was one of those conundrums in which I found myself. Then, getting started …how? Who? Where? These questions were answered in the form of my Life Coach, Dr. Marcea Whitaker. She has an easy spirit and spiritual base that is disarming. Dr. Whitaker is a gifted listener who is able to frame and reveal what she hears to get to the heart of what is causing the tire spinning in the mud and making a lot of noise but going nowhere. Her insights help you slowly move forward to a smooth road. From there, Dr. Whitaker leads you on a path or journey of self realization. She gives you permission to be vulnerable without judging and cheers your successes even if you don’t see them or even want to. Her ability to help you break through barriers without your realizing. It is uncanny. Her session ending question of: “What was your AHA moment? Provides insight into your growth and breakthroughs each session. Dr. Whitaker, it has been my pleasure to have you as my Life Coach. I am grateful for the struggles that led me to you. Thank you for helping me to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but helping me to get there to see it’s full brightness. Thank you ever so much."

-Wanda H.

Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker

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